How to Get the Most Out of Your Train

How to Get the Most Out of Your Train

There is nothing like the thrill and excitement of waiting for a train to arrive at the destination you have been planning to visit for over half an hour. It can be quite disheartening to finally get on that train, sit by the open-door and wish that all your problems would be sorted out and you could finally get some sleep as you have been stuck in a crappy train for the past 4 hours!

The problem with most people is that over 90% of those wishing to go to a ‘beck’ are boarding the wrong train. Why do they do that? Well part of the problem is that they have not got a leg to stand on. If you fall off a train heading for London from Stratford you can almost guarantee that the doors will be thrown open and all those places that you have been wanting to see are going to be let loose to all the dogs.

The vast majority of people board the first available train which is usually the late numbered trains going into central London. The problem with this is that these late numbered trains are slightly less frequent than the others and for reasons like the weather or track maintenance perhaps, or even because the platforms are a little later in their journey – you may find yourself having to wait longer for a train on your way to work.

If you board the first available train which is leaving at a later hour than you are accustomed to you could well find yourself starting the trip back home in search of that train as it may not be the same one as the one you were on earlier in the day. If you have been travelling by train together with your family then any train may be a little later as the Journey may be a little longer or the journey may have involved a little more standing than you are used to. If you have been sharing a house with someone then perhaps the train may not be a similar one as the Journey may involve a little more waiting than either one of you are used to and the couple may perhaps be a little bored.

However, there are more factors involved than that. First of all, if you are travelling byAirport expresslevels- fares are expensive – even if you are bringing along children.The above scenario is a little more unlikely if you are travelling as part of a tour group or convention and if you/people are travelling together. One of the best, and I have seen them personally, is a couple that travelled as a group to a resort on the distant south coast. Resort on the south coast of England, such as Balado, Tar Sands, we know what to expect. However, the couple were entered in to a lottery syndicate, the Train and guarantee. guaranteed. No ifs no buts. If it happens, they may have to share the winnings – that would be very nice!

A more realistic example would be a less energetic couple, perhaps office workers, who enter a lottery syndicate as a couple. One scheme for this would be to organise a group of syndicates, maybe with children from primary school, travelling to different scout camps and meeting at a decided location. Depending on the trip, you could complete the necessary tasks to enable the visit to be on the safe side. At least you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of the syndicate without having to waste time and money travelling.

Of course, you can still play the national lottery, but implementing a good lottery syndicate strategy is a great way to increase your chances of winning and can also act as a substitute for purchasing more tickets. I know that I have personally made the mistake of purchasing a large number of tickets with only the above in mind and never reached the jackpot. Unfortunately it turned out the syndicate had been mislead and had been wasting my money. The best way to win is to purchase as many tickets as you can with the minimalest number of digits, but perhaps even just one or two tickets will be enough.

temptation can be to increase the number of lottery tickets you have purchased in one go, the chances of you reaching the jackpot before doing so are pretty slim. Unless, of course, you feel like exaggerating a bit, or gambling for a longer time, or like you have a more important agenda.

However, if you can afford to or you feel like a royal, just go ahead and multimillion your way into the king’s good graces!


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